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REGISTRATION HANDFUN MEETING 2019 (Therapists, residents and students)

220,00 IVA incluido


¡Welcome to Hand Fun Meeting 2019!

Below are some explanations about the meeting and the instructions you must follow to complete the registration form.

This year we are going more international than ever, the whole meeting and workshops will be in ENGLISH, so prepare yourselves.

For the very first time we launch the “EARLY BIRD” registration for everyone that registers from the 1st of May to the 14th of June included. Keep in mind that from the 15th of June the price of the registration will be higher. In addition, Friday’s lunch is included in the registration price.

  • “Early Bird” price (from the 1st of May to the 14th of June):
    For residents, hand therapists and students 190 €
  • “Standard” price (From the 15th of June):
    For residents, hand therapists and students 220 €

Once the CONGRESS is finished, we will hold a POST-CONGRESS on Saturday afternoon about “Compression Syndromes” by Lorna Kahn, Susan Stralka & Kelly Santel.

  • Price Post-Congress 50 €

Assistance is limited, both for the Congress and for the Post-Congress, and in consequence, registrations will be admitted in strict order of registration.

In the registration form you must check if you only want to attend the CONGRESS, or if you want to attend the CONGRESS + POST-CONGRESS.

During the CONGRESS, all assistants can participate in two WORKSHOPS which will be done in two different shifts. Everyone will participate in the workshop “Muscle Testing and MAPS Therapy on Nerve Injuries”; therefore you only need to choose one option from below for the second workshop:

  • Neurodynamic examination – What to do and What not to do. Susan Stralka
  • Clinical Assessment and decisions. Amy Moore & Joaquim Casañas


Now we are ready to complete the registration!

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