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Hand Therapy BCN has been working for years to bring Hand Therapy closer to our clients and students,  getting awareness to this field from both the clinical practice and in the classrooms.

Our clinical practice, research and teaching are the main pillars of Hand Therapy BCN, and our Hand Therapists – Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists – work hand in hand with Hand Surgeons and other health professionals, forming an essential team

After years of hard work we have been able to develop a project that allows us to spread our profession as a cornerstone within the disciplines in the medical sciences. 

So, what is the Hand Fun Meeting? In short, all these concepts tossed into a blender with a special touch! Hand Fun Meeting aims to enable an interprofessional meeting space to share our knowledge and enjoy our profession in a funny and extraordinary way once a year.

Do you know what topic will we be discussing this year?

Come and join us!


Just in!

Hand Fun Meeting 2020 is on the road!

As always, we have experts from all over the world with tons of science and the lastes topics to discuss with us.

If you want to know more about whats to come keep an eye on the program!

Where will it happen?

Stream on our YouTube channel